Youth Racer Biathlon Rifles

Youth Racer Biathlon (YR Biathlon): Learn to Compete (L2C)

At this stage, biathletes are already strong in fundamental ski skills, are establishing speed and strength as skiers and now are ready to enhance endurance with race strategy and tactics. The YR group aims to further develop self-awareness and independence. Training plans will be provided and additional training outside formal ENSC sessions is expected. The YR program will focus on both physical and cognitive aspects of training. Biathletes will also participate in an additional group strength training program once a week. Monthly training camps are scheduled every 4th weekend leading up to the race season. Program objectives include: learning independent training habits, beginning or continuing systematic training, increasing training knowledge and involvement with planning, targeting efforts on specific goals, Provincial and/or National level race participation throughout the season, team building exercises.


Youth Racers High Performance Biathlon: (YRHP Biathlon)

Includes two nights at the range (Monday and Wednesday), Training Peaks Premium and enhanced coaching (detailed YTP/Bi-weekly follow up/monthly Zoom or face-to-face meetings/enhanced technique follow up



Biathletes need to be committed to compete in Provincial and National level races

Biathletes need to be highly motivated and interested in improving personal skiing and shooting performance

Suggested Age Range: 14+, *PAL required for biathletes and at least one parent



First Saturday after Labour Day – March (weather permitting)

YRHP Monday, 6:30-8pm (Biathlon range)

YR Tuesday, 6:30-8pm

YR Wednesday, 6:30-8pm (Biathlon range)

YR Saturday, 10am-12pm

Please note: sessions are run at the same time as other ENSC training groups for the convenience of families.



Dryland locations will vary: Hawrelak Park, Goldbar Park, Gallagher Park

On-snow sessions take place on Edmonton Nordic Ski Club groomed trails at Gold Bar, Capilano and Goldstick Park. We can now enjoy a longer skiing season with Edmonton Nordic Ski Club snow-making capabilities at Gold Bar Park!

Shooting sessions will be at the Biathlon Range at Strathcona Science Park

*Last minute changes to locations and training plans can occur due to weather



$1045 – 3 days/week, Mon or Wed, Tuesday, and Saturday (YR Biathlon)

$1345 – 4 days/week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday (YRHP Biathlon)



Coaching and individual ATP by Head Coach, ATP and training sessions based on the Nordiq Canada Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, Lake Louise Camp, coach support at events, wax fees, and an ENSC clothing item



ENSC membership, NC/NA membership, BA membership, roller ski rental (if required), rifle rental (if required), ammunition, additional training camps and all personal expenses at camps/races



YR skiers are encouraged to have separate race and training skis

Poles: 1 pair of skate length poles, ski striding poles for dryland training (7-10 cm shorter than your classic poles)

Rifle, a limited number of rentals are available for up to 2 years through ENSC, Rifle Cleaning and Maintenance

Roller skis for dryland training, rental is available through ENSC and is NOT included in registration fees

“Rock” skis are recommended for early and late season training