Goldbar Trail Maps

Goldbar Pavilion, Capilano and Goldstick Parks

Edmonton Nordic runs all winter cross country programs from the Goldbar Pavilion.


Trails from the lodge can be viewed on the trail map

ENSC gratefully acknowledges the following support for the development and making of the new trail map.

  • Grant from Imperial
  • Donations from Fast Trax run & ski, Track ‘n’ Trail
  • Technical support from Fiera Biological Consulting, and Gillian Harvey in the Faculty of Arts at the U of A
  • City of Edmonton for providing the labour to install the new map in the pavillon.
What’s in a name

Every wondered where the names for the Points of Interest or Trail names came from?

  • Herring Bone Hill – Just part of the trail that you need to herring bone up most times.
  • George’s Chute – Named after George Kriegel, a member of the trail building crew who was looking for a way to make an uninterrupted trail loop out to 50 St. and back using Woodcutters. The area was the original farm dump and we needed to bring in a big Cat and winch to clean it all up. Many dump truck loads of waste were taken out.
  • Randy’s Rock – Randy’s Rock named after a contractor who ENSC hired to operate a cat building the 50 St. trails. He unearthed the rock when cleaning George’s Chute.
  • Raul’s Run –  extends from Randy’s Rock westward to the back alley is named after Randy Raul, a club member who died of a heart attack skiing in Hawrelak Park. He was a big supporter of the Jackrabbit Program. The trees protecting the trail were among the first ENSC reforestation project we did and the club got a large grant to do this work.
  • Retaining Wall Hill – First big retaining wall built by the ENSC on the trails and very hard to ski. The name just stuck.
  • Burke’s Station – Named after Mike Burke, a very dedicated volunteer from Australia and an Edmonton Public school principal. Great Biathlon parent, racer and volunteer. Very skilled builder and instrumental in building the Biathlon Range
  • Einer’s Drop – Named after ENSC member Einer Viddal. When building the connector trail from Goldstick trails to the South Loop Trail back to Goldbar the old large culvert bridge was always washing out and ENSC applied to the City to build a permanent bridge. Eventually, it was approved and built by the City. Unfortunately, the bridge was built at the wrong angle to the creek and the existing trail. The end result was we had to change the trail – the old section which still exists – and Einar came up with the route which we use today. It required a very challenging downhill run to the bridge which we called Einar’s Drop
  • The Hadhirgaan – the 50th street loop was officially named The Hadhirgaan at the 2018 AGM, as a tribute to the persistence and unwillingness of the ENSC team to give up on the snowmaking project, more than 10 years from starting the project to it’s opening ceremony in spring 2017 after the first season of operation. Hadhirgaan is a word from the Orkney Islands meaning to ‘keep it going’. Some of our City’s first European settlers came from both the Orkney Islands (John Walter) and from Norway, who were highly valued for their boat building skills. Nordic skiing on The Hadhirgaan brings this ancestry together to ‘keep it going’ on this hilly section of our trails.