Have more fun training this winter! 

Ski with MATES (Master Athletes Training for Endurance and Skills)!


Meet ‘n Go Group Classic and Skate : Advanced to Intermediate ability


Kick up your classic distance training and/or fine tune your skate skiing in the company of fun, hardy Edmonton skiers this winter. Join this self-organizing group to meet weekly on Tuesdays in Edmonton and on Sundays in Strathcona County. You’ll garner useful “skilocal motion tips” from a monthly information session with experts like Coach Ulf Kleppe and other greats . Bring a friend and check it out!

Sign up on Zone 4 HERE, and your contact info will be added to our Ski with MATES Google Group. You will be emailed this information and receive weekly “Meet ‘n Go” times and places from November 2018 until the snow melts (mid March) via the Google Group.

  • Clothing available to purchase online through our club website:
  • With respect to the Lake Louise camp (Remembrance Day Weekend),ENSC will NOT have pre-booked rooms for participants. You will be responsible for finding your own accommodations with HI-Hostel Lake Louise or nearby hotels. Track Attackers must be accompanied by an adult as transportation and accommodations are the direct responsibility of the parent.


Organizers, Joy Mekechuk, Susan Copeland, and Phil Bauman.