30+ Adult Masters

Participants will be divided into subgroups based on skill and fitness. Skiers will run, stride, and do general strength training during dryland sessions. On-snow sessions may include skiing continuously up to 1.5 hrs. Participants will identify the group’s focus (races or other events) for the season.


  • Adults with intermediate skiing experience.  Participants will be provided the opportunity to ski both classic and skate technique.
  • Adults with intermediate level of aerobic fitness (can work towards skiing for up to an hour or more).


First Saturday after Labour Day – March (weather permitting)

  • Tues 10am-12pm or 6:30-8pm
  • Thurs 10am-12pm or 6:30-8pm
  • Sat 10am-12pm


Dryland locations will vary: Gold Bar Park, Gallagher Park, Kinsmen Park & other locations communicated to participants.

On snow location: Gold Bar Park, Goldstick Park, Capilano Park and occasionally Strathcona Wilderness Center (SWC)

Location and training plan changes will be communicated minimum 2.5 hours prior to the start of training.


$340 – 1 day/week, Tues pm

$445 – 1 day/week, Sat am

$445 – 1 day/week, either Tues or Thurs am (Strathcona Wilderness Center)

$665 – 2 days/week, Tues pm and Sat am

$755 – 2 days/week, Tues am and Thurs am (Strathcona Wilderness Center)

$795 – 3 days/week, Tues pm, Thurs pm and Sat am



Coaching at Lake Louise Camp, generic ATP, and an ENSC clothing item.

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ENSC Membership, NC/NA Membership, roller ski rental (if necessary), additional training camps and all personal expenses at camps/races, Monday strength training via zoom(optional).


Skis – 1 pair of classic skis, 1 pair of skate skis, combi skis are not suitable

Boots – combi or combination (skate and classic) boots are acceptable

Poles – classic poles, skate poles, ski striding poles

Roller Skis – rentals available through ENSC

Rock skis are recommended for early and late season training