Is skate-skiing for you?

Is skate-skiing for you?

There are two main styles of cross-country skiing:  “Classic skiing” and “Skate-skiing” .


Classic skiing is the stride-and-glide motion that many people think of when they picture cross-country skiing. You shift your skis forward one at a time, often in a set ski track. This technique requires less balance, so you can slide along as you learn the technique and build your fitness level.


Skate-skiing involves a motion similar to ice-skating or roller blading, with the use of poles, allowing you to achieve speed and a smooth glide. Many people skate-ski on groomed paths, often next to the track set for classic skiers.

Most people learn classic style first, and many skiers stay with classic and never learn skating. Many skiers may also want to learn skate-skiing to enjoy a broader range of ski techniques and experiences.


Note that, beyond the introductory level, Classic and Skate techniques require different equipment (skies, boots, poles).



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