Training This Week: March 18 to 24

This Week…At a Glance

Bonus Week of Fall/Winter Training! 

Spring Conditions Out There

The grooming Team will continue groom as long as there is a continuous stretch of trail (meaning we don’t have total our skis off to avoid bare spots). Asa of today, we have skiable trails at Gold Bar, but tomorrow’s (Monday) warm temperatures may have something today about that. So, stay tuned.

Official training is over, but coaches are willing to come out if you are. Let your Lead Coaches know you would like to keep skiing (if the snow conditions permit)

This time off the year we should ideally try to ski as much as possible, while transitioning to other forms of activity/training. Try to make the transition be gradual as opposed to jumping right in, head first (to a new mode of training). Your body will thank you!

Congratulations to Lauren, Lukas, Nathan and Adam W

These 4 just competed at the National Championships in Ottawa this past week (Nakkertok actually on the Quebec side). The weather had the organizer shorten the races from 4 to 3 and changed the technique to skate only (a sprint, a short distance and a middle distance – no 50 km).

I am happy today that I feel that Adam and Nathan had their best races at this Nationals, moving up significantly (placing wise) from last year. Funnily enough Adam and Lukas had the exact same time with their respective 10km races (23:00.03!!), despite starting almost 30min apart (and it was an individual start race!!)

Lukas raced to a bronze medal in the 15km skate U20 category (placing him 10 overall in the country!!) Lauren finished with two bronze medals in the girls U18 category (5 km SK and 7.5km Skate). 

We went there with a small team, but ENSC was well represented!!! A big shout out to Adam Pojasok who once again gave us stellar skis!!!!

Training Sites This Week: The following are our training sites:

    • Tuesday – Gold Bar Park ??
    • Thursday – Gold Bar ??
    • Saturday – Gold Bar Park ??

Important Dates Coming up…

    • Beat the Blues Boogie – Strathcona wilderness Centre – Mar 24??? Maybe?? If snow there??

This week:

Monday – Zoom Strength w/Carl

Tuesday – Gold Bar – Stay Tuned

Wednesday – Middle to Long Distance Z1

Thursday – Strength and Technique on snow!! – Goldbar

Friday – Active Rest Day – Optional ski, indoor bike ride, or brisk walk

Saturday – Gold Bar

Sunday – Gold Bar Short to Medium bike, run, or ski (or a combination of these) Z1 

The Details:

Monday March 18: Online Strength

  • Pm – Zoom Strength W/Carl
    • Please register w/Carl to participate
    • Click HERE to contact Carl directly
    • When: 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Tuesday March 19: 

AM – Where:  (Nola or Wietske to confirm)

  • When: 10:00 am to 11:30 am
  • What: Bonus Week Winter Session
    • Warm Up Routine (5-5-5 and 5) about 25 minutes
    • Workout:
      • Coach Lead
    • Skiing at Gold Bar or SWC??
  • Technique: SKATE
  • Bring: SK ski equipment, Drink belt
    • Backpack for after the training:
  • PM – Where:  Gold Bar
  • What: Bonus Week of Fall Season
  • Training Starts: 6:30 to 8:00 pm
    • Warm Up Routine.
    • Workout: Individual groups and Coach Lead 
    • Technique: SK Ski
    • YR’s – SKATE Skiing at GOLD Bar
      • SK Ski- Usual Warm-up
        • Include 10 x 10s Sprints w/50s Active Rest
      • Intensity w/a Technique Focus
        • Technique work to reflect what we (talk to Ulf) feel needs to be worked on based on your recent races and/or training (very individual)
  • Bring:  
    • We Donn’t need a HEADLAMP anymore!!!
    • Drink belt (just in case)
      • Pack a Backpack with warm and dry clothes

Wednesday March 20: Medium to Long Day

  • Long Distance Ski or Bike Ride or Run
    • Up to 2 hours
    • Training Zone: 1 to 2
    • RPE: 3-5
    • Bring food and drink!

Thursday March 21:

AM – Where:  (Nola or Wietske to confirm)

  • When: 10:00 am to 11:30 am
  • What: Bonus Week Winter Session
    • Warm Up Routine (5-5-5 and 5) about 25 minutes
    • Workout:
      • (Nola or Wietske to confirm)
  • Technique: SK??
    • Ski at Gold Bar or SWC
  • Bring: Ski Equipment Drink belt
    • Backpack for after the training

PM – Who: 3 or 4 day Participants

  • Where:  Gold Bar
  • What: Strength and Technique on Skis 
  • When: 6:30 to 8:00 pm 
  • Work out: 
      • SKATE Ski
      • Technique Focus with emphasis on skiing on ONE ski, balance and being comfortable on the skis.

Friday March 22:

            • Active Rest Day
            • Walk, RS, run, or take the day off.

Saturday March 23: 

Where:  Gold Bar

  • When: 10:00 to 12 noon
  • What: Bonus Week of Fall Season
    • Warm Up Routine.
    • Workout: More Details to Come
    • Technique: SK- You decide
      • Technique Work (Mostly) – always pick something to work on!
  • Bring:  SK or CL Ski stuff.

Sunday March 24:

“Looong Distance” (Bike, run, or, ski, or any combination thereof)

  • LSD Training – (Long “Speedy”, Distance)
    • “Speedy” means try to go fast but still stay in Zone 1/2. Ski, ride, or run efficiently and in control (keep a conversation going).
    • Up to 3.5 hours
  • Technique: You choose
  • Bring: 
    • Extra food and drink