Training This Week: December 18 to 24

Congratulations to all who participated in the Orange Crush and AWG Qualifier on Saturday!! There was some great racing happening on Saturday. Brent organized an exceptional event that went flawlessly!! Well Done! And a big thank you and kudos to all who snow-farmed last Thursday and especially to our grooming team who made the trails really quite good, especially considering that Gold Bar is the only show in town that has skiable snow! We are very lucky to have the dedicated snow making and grooming team that we have (it helps that they love to ski too 😀😀)! Don’t forget to thank them when you see them…

This Week…At a Glance

Week 15 of Fall/Winter Training! 

Last Formal Training is Thursday December 21

We will be skiing at Gold Bar on Tuesday and Thursday, before we take a break for the Christmas holidays. We will meet again on Tuesday January 2, 2024.

Tuesday December 19 – Christmas Goodies Sharing Day

It’s an ENSC tradition to bake some Christmas goodies and share them with all our friends. Please prepare and bring some goodies to share on Tuesday. We will dedicate the last 15 minutes of practice to do this. We will all meet in the GOLD BAR PAVILION AT 7:45 PM. 

Good Skiing at Gold Bar

We have a small loop of artificial snow, and we’ll be skiing there this week. The snow we made and farmed is holding up well. Come to Gold Bar to ski this week. Skating is likely the best choice.

Training Sites This Week: The following are our training sites:

    • Tuesday – Gold Bar Park
    • Thursday – Gold Bar
    • Saturday – No Formal Training

Important Dates Coming up…

    • Troll in the Park – GOLD BAR – December 30
    • Nordiq Alberta Tawatinaw Snow Camp Postponed to Jan 5-7
    • Western CDN Championships and AB Cup 3/4- Canmore January 12-14
    • AB Cup 5/6 – Edmonton – January 27-28
    • AB Cup 7/8 – Red Deer – February 3-4
    • Canadian Birkie – Blackfoot Area – February 10
    • Alberta Winter Games – Grande Prairie – February 16-19
    • Cookie Race – Kananaskis – February 24

This week:

Monday – Zoom Strength w/Carl

Tuesday – Gold Bar

Wednesday – Middle to Long Distance Z1

Thursday – Strength and Technique on snow!!

Friday – Active Rest Day – Optional bike ride or brisk walk

Saturday – All Programs – NO FORMAL TRAINING – Do your own training

Sunday – Short to Medium bike, run, or ski (or a combination of these) Z1

The Details:

Monday December 18: Online Strength

  • Pm – Zoom Strength W/Carl
    • Please register w/Carl to participate
    • Click HERE to contact Carl directly
    • When: 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Tuesday December 19: 

AM – Where:  (Nola or Wietske to confirm)

  • When: 10:00 am to 11:30 am
  • What: Week 15 Fall Session
    • Warm Up Routine (5-5-5 and 5) about 25 minutes
    • Workout:
      • Coach Lead
    • Skiing at Gold Bar?
      • Yes…Ski at Gold Bar
  • Bring: SK ski equipment, Drink belt
    • Backpack for after the training:
  • PM – Where:  Gold Bar
  • When: 6:30 to 8:00 pm
  • What: Week 15 of Fall Season
    • Warm Up Routine.
    • Workout: Individual groups and Coach Lead 
    • Technique: SK Ski
    • YR’s – Skate Skiing at GOLD Bar
      • SK Ski- Usual Warm-up
        • Include 6-8 x 10s Sprints
      • Technique Work (Mostly) and Long Intervals 
        • 5-8 x 5min of Aerobic Intervals w/2min Active rest
        • Z3
        • RPE -3-5
  • Bring:  
    • HEADLAMP to see where you are going!! Going to definitely need one!!
    • Ski Striding Poles (Always bring Ski Striding Poles), Drink belt (just in case)
      • Pack a Backpack with warm and dry clothes

Wednesday December 20: Medium to Long Day

  • Long Distance Ski or Bike Ride or Run
    • Up to 2 hours
    • Training Zone: 1 to 2
    • RPE: 3-5
    • Bring food and drink!

Thursday December 21:

AM – Where:  (Nola or Wietske to confirm)

  • When: 10:00 am to 11:30 am
  • What: Week 15 Fall Session
    • Warm Up Routine (5-5-5 and 5) about 25 minutes
    • Workout:
      • (Nola or Wietske to confirm)
  • Technique:
    • Ski at Gold Bar? Or Running/On Foot
  • Bring: Both Ski Equipment? Or Ski Striding Poles (Always bring Ski Striding Poles), Drink belt
    • Backpack for after the training

PM – Who: 3 or 4 day Participants

  • Where:  Gold Bar
  • What: Technique and Some Strength on Skis
  • When: 6:30 to 8:00 pm 
  • Work out: 
    • Technique Focus with emphasis on balance and being comfortable on the skis.

Friday December 22:

    • Active Rest Day
    • Walk, RS, run, or take the day off.

Saturday December 23: Little Christmas Eve

Where:  You Decide

What: Fartlek

When: You decide

Sunday December 24: Christmas Eve

“Looong Distance” (Bike, run, or, ski, or any combination thereof)

  • LSD Training – (Long “Speedy”, Distance)
    • “Speedy” means try to go fast but still stay in Zone 1/2. Ski, ride, or run efficiently and in control (keep a conversation going).
    • Up to 3.5 hours
  • Technique: You choose
  • Bring: 
    • Extra food and drink