Fall Training This Week: Oct 30 to Nov 5

This Week…At a Glance

SCARE “O” on Tuesday

Week 8 of Fall Training! We welcome November this week…right after Halloween. Speaking of which, we will have a special All Hallows Eve training session with our annual SCARE “O” orienteering event on Tuesday evening. Although training will technically be at Goldbar, we will meet at GOLDSTICK Park for the event. More details below. 

Ski Swap on Saturday

On Saturday we have our annual ENSC Ski Swap. You can buy “new to you” equipment, or sell your gently used skis, boots, poles, or any “stuff” you no longer need. It will be a t Goldstick Park pavilion from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.  

Wear a Headlamp – the days are short now!!

Again, as the days get shorter, and in order to be seen, we need to be wearing bright coloured clothing with reflective strips on them; we also need to be seen. AND to see (at night), we need to be wearing a headlamp!! We especially need a headlamp this Tuesday for the SCARE “O” orienteering event. Winter is coming.

The following are our training sites:

    • Tuesdays – AM Goldbar Park, PM Goldbar park (but meet at Gold Stick Park – at the top of Esso Hill)
    • Thursdays – Kinsmen Park
    • Saturdays – Goldbar Park

Important Dates Coming up…

  • Halloween “Scare-O” – Orienteering Event – October 31
  • Ski Swap – Saturday November 4
  • First Flakes Loppet – November 25
  • Nordiq Alberta (NA) Tawatinaw Snow Camp – Dec 1-3
  • AB Cup 1/2 – Dec 9/10 – Canmore
  • AWG Zone 6 Selection Race and ENSC Time Trial – Gold Bar – December 16

This week:

Monday – Zoom Strength w/Carl

Tuesday – AM Goldbar, PM Gold Bar (Whole Club) but head up to Gold Stick Park for the SCARE “O” event.

Wednesday – Middle to Long Distance Zone1

Thursday – AM Snow Valley parking lot, PM Classic technique on Thursday followed by Carl Strength 

Friday – Active Rest Day – Optional bike ride or brisk walk

Saturday – All Programs – Gold Bar Park

Sunday – Short to Medium bike, run, or rollerski (or a combination of these) Zone1

The Details:

Monday October 30: Online Strength

  • Pm – Zoom Strength W/Carl
    • Please register w/Carl to participate
    • Click HERE to contact Carl directly
    • When: 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Tuesday October 31: Halloween SCARE “O” event at Goldstick Park in the evening

    • AM – Where:  Goldbar
  • When: 10:00 am to 11:30 am
  • What: Week 8 Fall Session
  • Warm Up Routine (5-5-5 and 5) about 25 minutes
      • Workout: Nola’s Zipper
  • Technique: Ski Poles and Running Shoes
      • Striding/On Foot
  • Bring: Ski Striding Poles, Drink belt, dry clothes for after practice
  • PM – Where:  GoldSTICK Pavilion Click HERE for location and directions
  • Bring a Baked Good to share!!!
  • When: 6:30 to 8:00 pm
  • What: Week 8 of Fall Season
  • Warm Up Routine Shortened Warm UP due to start of SCARE “O” at 6:45 pm.
  • Workout: SCORE Orienteering (SCARE “O”)
    • Orienteering – use map and compass to find spots indicated on the map (map and compass provided)
    • Score orienteering – 1 hour to find as many spots or controls (orienteering flags) as possible, in any order
    • Each spot on the map is identified by an orange and white flag hanging from, over, or under that spot
    • Flags or controls will have reflective tape so can be seen when shining your headlamp towards it
    • Each control has a point value
    • Controls furthest from the start are worth more.
    • Can go solo or as a team
    • You will be penalized if you go over the allotted time.
    • There might be candy prizes!!!
  • Technique: Running/On Foot
  • Bring:  
  • HEADLAMP to see where you are going
  • Drink belt
  • Pack a Backpack with warm and dry clothes

Wednesday November 1: Medium to Long Day

  • Long Distance Roller Ski or Bike Ride or Run
    • Up to 2 hours
    • Training Zone: 1 to 2
    • RPE: 3-5
    • Bring food and drink!

Thursday November 2:

AM – Where:  Snow Valley parking lot

When: 10:00 am to 11:30 am

  • What: Week 8 Fall Session
  • Warm Up Routine (5-5-5 and 5) about 25 minutes
      • Workout: Adventures with Ray
    • Technique:
      • Striding/On Foot
  • Bring: Both Ski Striding Poles (Always bring Ski Striding Poles), Drink belt
    • Backpack for after the training with dry clothes
PM – Who: 3 or 4 day Participants
  • Where: Kinsmen Sports Centre – click HERE for location and directions
  • Technique: CL Rollerski Technique followed by Carl Strength
  • When: 6:30 to 8:00 pm (Strength w/Carl)
    • Work out: 
      • CL RS and “Strength, brought to you by Carl”

Friday November 3:

    • Active Rest Day
    • Walk, RS, run, or take the day off.

Saturday November 4: We Will Meet at GOLD BAR PARK

Where:  Goldbar Click HERE for location and directions

  • When: 10:00 am to 12 noon (Regular Training)
  • What: Week 8 of Fall Season
  • Warm Up Routine (5-5-5 and 5) about 25 minutes
      • Workout: Ski striding technique and sprints
        • Ski Stride/Run Woodcutters and then Bridge Loop backwards to Esso Hill tot the top 1-2x(3-5x8min) Core/Strength Routine 
        • Technique: Striding/Running/On Foot
  • Bring: Ski Striding Poles (Always bring Ski Striding Poles), Drink belt
  • Pack and bring a Backpack
Sunday November 5:

“Looong Distance” (Bike, hike, run, or rollerski, or any combination thereof)

  • LSD Training – (Long “Speedy”, Distance)
    • “Speedy” means try to go fast but still stay in Zone 1/2. Ski, ride, or run efficiently and in control (keep a conversation going).
    • Up to 3.5 hours
  • Technique: You choose
  • Bring
    • Extra food and drink
Wishing for snow,