Fall Colours Rollerski Festival

ENSC Fall Colours Rollerski Festival  

Sunday Oct 1, 2023

Edmonton, AB

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This is the 4th edition of the Fall Colours Classic sponsored by FastTrax. It is a rollerski event on a gently rolling bike path. There is one significant climb (the same climb) on all courses, but no significant downhills. Questions? Or more info, contact headcoach@edmontonnordic.ca 

Date: Sunday October 1 2023

Location: 17St and NE Bike Path. 

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      • 1 km Hillclimb – Starts: 9:00 am
        • Free Technique (SK or CL)
      • 5km and 10 km Distance: Start at 10:00 am
        • Classic Technique

Fees for the Events:

• $20 for 10km (Includes Hillclimb)

• $10 for 5km  (Includes Hillclimb)

• $5 for just the Hillclimb

The distances are 1km a Hillclimb, and a 5km, and 10 km distance event. All events start at 17th street. The Hillclimb is new, and is a SKATE event. The Start and Finish are at separate locations.

The Details:

The Hillclimb – SKATE (Classic Skis permitted)

        • 1 km in length
        • No downhills to navigate
        • Starts at 9:00 am
        • Skiers go at 15s intervals
        • SKATE Rollerskis Only
          • NO inline skates permitted

Distance Races – Classic Rollerski Event

• Start order – 10km and then 5km.

• First start at 10:00 am

• Skiers go at 30s interval

• Classic roller skis with functioning ratchet mechanism only

Permitted Equipment:

Rollerskis with #2 wheels

NO polyurethane wheels permitted

Draw Prizes:

    • There will be Draw Prizes. Grand Prize: 1 Pair of FF Active Classic RS. All are eligible!
    • Winners and times will be announced. No prizes or awards for placing.