Mar. 26/23 Trails/Conditions

Capilano , Gold Bar, and Goldstick were groomed last night.  Expect spring-like conditions  as the day-time temperatures are above freezing.  Icy sections starting to form in particularly sunny/exposed areas – caution advised in these areas.

Expect glazed/icy classic tracks – tracks in sun exposed areas have lost the solid side walls. 

Recommend timing your ski based on the hourly forecast to make the most of the sweet spot where the trails are not fully frozen but haven’t gotten slushy in the daily cycle.

Skiers continue to report good spring conditions and a lot of fun on the trails, however some trails are no longer recommended and no longer groomed.

Gold Bar:  Hadhirgaan, Woodcutters, and Treeline groomed for skate with existing classic tracks in good condition – trails in good condition.

We are no longer able to groom the Northshore or the 2-way Lake Loop – not recommended.

Note: water is draining from the parking lot on the Northwest corner of the Northshore trail and on the trail by the drop off area near the pavillion causing ice there – not recommended.

Capilano:  groomed for skate with existing classic tracks in good shape – trails in good condition.

Goldstick: groomed skate track on the Creek-crossing loop only and in good condition.  Classic: existing tracks in place.  

We are no longer able to groom the South Loop or Switchbacks – not recommended. 

Icy on descent onto Creek Crossing bridge – caution advised.

Happy Trails from your Edmonton Nordic Grooming Team