Nov. 20/22 Trails Report

Trails/Conditions Report

Please note that with the thin base, and the warm temperatures, the team is grooming less frequently, in order to preserve the base as a viable foundation for the duration of the ski season.  We will post grooming reports whenever we have worked on the trails and keep you up to date.  In the meantime, we are busy upgrading and fine-tuning our equipment and are ready for a new snowfall!

Expect hard track conditions. Time your ski for the sweet-spot in the freeze-thaw cycle (air temperature approximately just above freezing) when the trails are no longer icy/glazed, but not slushy.  Likely late morning.

Caution advised:  thin areas in some spots (grass coming through in select areas and some areas with gravel underneath have some gravel present) including: Esso hill, south loop east side and the steep climb at 101 ave, and the entrance climb into woodcutters, and the steep downhill/uphill at the creek crossing.

Rock skis recommended. 

Please note,  we are waiting for some increased snow pack depth before setting classical tracks.  So at the present time, no classic tracks.  Classical skiing is skier tracked only on the packed base.

Happy trails from your Edmonton Nordic Grooming Team