Welcome to the 2022-23 ski season!

We are thrilled to be back on the trails. The grooming team and a group of dedicated volunteers have done fall maintenance and tidied up the edges of the trails. 
The team has been packing the snowfalls as they have come down to prepare the ideal base for grooming on. 
As of now, the trails have been packed and rolled and are skier tracked for classic and skate.  We have received reports of good early season skiing/conditions from skiers especially on the Capilano side.
Rock skis and caution recommended in areas where the trails are gravel underneath (notably Esso hill, south loop east side and the steep climb at 101 ave, and the entrance climb into woodcutters). 

The team is leveling and dragging the trails tonight. Stay tuned for updates as we head into the weekend. 

Happy trails from your Edmonton Nordic grooming team