Mar. 30, 2022 Trails/Grooming

The conditions were fantastic yesterday if you hit the timing right! However, the melt continues and spring is truly on its way in here at Goldbar.  The team was unable to groom last night because of the warm slushy snow.  As well, with the snow thinning and non-existent in places, our access to getting onto the trails without damaging the equipment is poor.

Unfortunately, we have to suspend grooming here on the Goldbar/Goldstick/Capilano Nordic Trails, unless we get an unexpected huge dump of snow.   

We continue to see skiers out making their own tracks (mostly skate skiing) in the spring skiing conditions now – expect icy/hard/fast mornings, look for a possible sweet spot of the trails softening to ideal spring conditions as the temperatures bridge onto the plus side, then slushy/wet conditions once temperatures are above about 5C, especially in sun exposed areas, with ice forming in melted areas, particularly in the shade and when temperatures start to cool in the late afternoon and evening.  Most low spots on the trails have had water accumulation that are either ice or puddles/small lakes depending on time of day and temperature. Many high spots have melted through to grass and some asphalt areas are getting exposed.    

Overall, faster/harder skier tracked trails with areas of ice and glazing.  Downhills and uphills icy.  Also, expect ice patches, slush, and water patches under the fresh snow and areas where the snow is getting carved out by little streams of melt water.  Use caution.

Goldbar:  Not groomed last night – skier tracked only.  Bumps are melting through to the grass in places. Water pooling in low areas – ice or puddles, use caution.  Watch for areas of grass and asphalt starting to show through in places.     

Capilano:  Not groomed last night – skier tracked only.  Look for the sweet spot of timing your ski, as the sun reaches the trails and they soften somewhat.  Expect ice flows/puddles where water was pooling in lower areas. 

Goldstick:  Significant ice flows and icy trails. Not Groomable and Not Skiable – Not recommended.

Southloop:Significant ice flows and icy trails.  Not Groomable and Not Skiable – Not recommended. 

Stay tuned if we get one of those “Springtime in Alberta” dumps!

Happy trails from your Edmonton Nordic Grooming Team