Mar. 22, 2022 Trails/Grooming

We continue in spring skiing mode now – expect icy/hard/fast mornings, look for a possible sweet spot of the trails softening to ideal spring conditions as the temperatures bridge onto the plus side, then slushy/wet conditions once temperatures are above about 5C, especially in sun exposed areas, with ice forming in melted areas, particularly in the shade and when temperatures start to cool in the late afternoon and evening. 

Most low spots on the trails have had water accumulation that are either ice or puddles/small lakes depending on time of day and temperature. 

Overall, faster/harder trails with areas of ice and glazing.  Downhills and uphills icy.  Use caution. 

Goldbar:  2 way trail, tree line, woodcutters, Hadhirgaan all groomed for skate, with existing classic tracks in place.  Northshore has iceflows and is not recommended. Bumps are melting through to the grass in places. Water pooling in low areas – ice or puddles, use caution.  

Capilano:  Groomed for skate with existing classic tracks in place.  Look for the sweet spot of timing your ski, as the sun reaches the trails and they soften somewhat.  Expect ice flows/puddles where water was pooling in lower areas. 

Goldstick: Significant ice flows and icy trails. Not Groomable – Not recommended. 

Southloop:Significant ice flows and icy trails.  Not Groomable – Not recommended.

Happy trails from your Edmonton Nordic Grooming Team