Mar. 13, 2022 Trails/Grooming

Yesterday’s warmer temperatures caused some melting and glazing of the trails, particularly in the sunny areas – shaded areas remained fairly stable. Overall, faster/harder trails with some glazing.  Some downhills getting ice patches from snow-ploughing moving snow to the sides throughout the day.  Use caution. 

Goldbar:  all trails groomed for skating and existing classic tracks glazed/icy in areas.  Stadium groomed last night. 

Goldstick: no grooming last night.  Hard/fast trails with glazing. Icing in the centre of the creek crossing descent – use caution. 

Capilano:  Groomed for skating and groomed for classic.  Very good conditions overall. 

Southloop: no grooming last night.  Hard/fast trails with glazing.  Expect some ice on the hills – use caution. 

Happy trails from your Edmonton Nordic Grooming Team