Feb. 22/23, 2022 Trails/Grooming

We continue to be under the short cold spell today.  We have continued with daylight grooming for the time being.  As of yesterday’s work:

Capilano:  skate lanes groomed.  Existing classic tracks holding up well.

Goldbar:  all skate lanes groomed, both teaching grids re-set. Watch for a new detour on the northshore trail (to by-pass the significant ice flow on the northern part of the trail heading east, the south part of the trail has been made into a 2-way with classic tracks set on both sides of the skate lanes for east and west traffic. Some existing classic tracks where they are holding up well and some new classic tracks set as needed. 

Goldstick:  skate lanes groomed with existing classic tracks in place.  Shallower tracks and ice bottomed tracks in places. 

Southloop:  the skatelanes have been groomed.  However, with significant ice on both the uphills and downhills, the southloop is not recommended.  

Overall, expect hard-track conditions with a solid layer of ice under the fresh snow, with areas of shallow classic tracks with ice/glazed bottoms.  Icy patches.  

Happy trails from your Edmonton Nordic Grooming Team