Jan. 22, 2022 Grooming/Trails

The temperatures did rise throughout the night into the plus side, leaving us with softer track and trails.  Here’s a summary from last nights grooming:

Goldbar: Lake Loop, tree line, and Hadhirgaan (50 Street), Woodcutters groomed for skate.  Classic track reset in most areas as neededTeaching grids in place and in good shape with light fresh snow in them.

Goldstick: Creek Crossing and Creek Crossing loop groomed for skate with existing classic tracks in place. South loop groomed for skate and classic tracks re-set.  Soccer field teaching grid re-set. 

Capilano: Groomed for skate with classic tracks.  

Please note that in general conditions are softer today, with shallower classic tracks in places and some icy patches.

Happy trails from your Edmonton Nordic Grooming Team