Jan. 19/20, 2022 Trails

The trails continue to improve with each day of grooming and work on them.

In addition to the previous renovation of the Goldbar and Capilano trails, which we have continued to groom, the team renovated the Goldstick trails: creekcrossing, creekcrossing loop, switchbacks and south loop have all been groomed for skating and classical.  The classical track is a little shallower due to the hard ice layers underneath, however we hope that this will improve with repeated groomings.

Note that the skating and classical tracks are fast and firm with some icy sections.   

The debris from the 4×4 damage to the herringbone hill on the Southloop leading up to 101 Ave is still evident.  

The next days again holds a variety of unusual and fluctuating weather conditions/forecasts – we will be monitoring closely here at Goldbar and taking care of the trails accordingly.  

Happy Trails – your Edmonton Nordic Grooming Team