Jan. 12, 2022 Grooming/Trails Report

In addition to the new classic tracks that were set on the entire trail network for yesterday’s skiing here is an update from last night:

All three teaching grids were re-set Monday night (2 in Goldbar, one in Capilano). 

Capilano: Existing classic tracks left intact.  Freshly groomed for skating. 

Goldbar:  Existing classic tracks left intact.  Woodcutters, lake loop, treeline, 50 Street loop freshly groomed for skate.  The bumps/jumps and downhill area groomed.  

Goldstick: Switchbacks, switchback loop, southloop, creekcrossing all freshly groomed for skate. Existing classic tracks left intact.  

Please note some areas have become thin, and the effects of foot traffic is especially noticeable on the south loop.  This in combination with the warmer weather mean expect glazed areas, fast track and soft spots.  

Happy trails from your Edmonton Nordic Grooming Team