Grooming Update – 16 Dec 2021

The recent snow and cold were definitely the conditions we were looking for! The trails have been transformed and looking really good. 

As of Dec. 15: 

Goldbar: lake loop, treeline, 50 Street loop and woodcutters all groomed for skate and trackset for classical.

Goldstick North: packed – icy sections at the creek crossing down and uphills.  Not recommended until further work completed and additional snow falls.  

Goldstick South: packed.  Not recommended until further work completed.  

Capilano: groomed for skate and trackset for classical.  Snow conditions a little softer than Goldbar.

On all trails there is still the icy layer below – expect slippery/icy sections if snow gets scraped/snow ploughed down to the icy layer. 

NOTE: the snow cat had a break down early this week and we will be up and running as soon as parts arrive and the repair is complete.  Snowmaking will commence as soon as the snow cat is up and running.  Stay tuned for updates.