Grooming Report – 28 Nov 2021

Hi to all and welcome to our first official grooming report of this season! 

While the weather has been a mix of ups and downs, the club has been active and busy making the most of what nature has given us with a club snow farming/shoveling day last week in Goldbar.  This was followed up by a Herculean effort by Paul Zimmerman and Ulf Kleppe who got the 2.5 km loop at Capilano snow farmed and groomed over the course of the last week.  

As of last night, the Capilano loop, Goldbar (lake loop, 50 Street and woodcutters) were groomed with the skidoo/drag for skating lanes.  The snow remains too thin to set classical tracks, however, there are some skier made tracks scattered throughout.  

In addition to the temperature swings over the last 10 days, we experienced some rain and freezing rain overnight during the grooming and into this morning, so expect spring-like wet conditions with icy sections, as well as possible bare/thin spots.  
Have a great day and see you on the trails.