Training This Week: October 18 to 24

Covid Update

The State of Public Health Emergency is still in effect in Alberta. Covid isn’t going away any time soon. We must remain vigilant in our individual and collective efforts to avoid contracting COVID 19 and prevent its spread. At minimum, follow the restrictions below:

These restrictions became effective Sept 16, and necessitates us doing the following:

  • If not already, get vaccinated, 
  • No changes to outdoor activities…but we will:
  • Wash hands often
  • Maintain 2 m physical distancing
  • Wear a mask in all indoor public settings, and wear a mask when we meet for our pre and post talks.
  • If feeling sick and/or have COVID or cold-like symptoms, stay home.
  • Those Vaccinated: Indoor private social gatherings are limited to a single household plus one other household to a maximum of 10 vaccine-eligible, vaccinated people and no restrictions on children under 12.

Coming UP…

  • The ENSC Clothing STORE is OPEN  Click HERE for the link
  • Coaches Ongoing Education – Saturday Oct 23
  • Frozen Thunder – October 29 to 31
  • Lake Louise Camp – November 12 to 14
  • Dryland Learn to Train (L2T) coaching course – November 26 to 28
  • First Flakes Loppet – Sat Nov 27
  • On-Snow Hinton Camp – December 4
  • On-Snow L2T coating course – December 10-12
  • AB Cup 1/2 – Dec 18/19

ENSC Clothing

The Jakroo Store is open so we can order ENSC clothing. We get a 20% discount right off the bat, but as soon as we have more than 6 pieces ordered then the discount drops to 35%.

Here is the link:

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This Week…At a Glance

Continuing  the Build Phase


  • Zoom Strength w/Carl

Tuesday – All Groups Training – “Continuing the Build Phase ” – Goldbar Park


  • Own training – Go medium length but go easy


  • Coordination and Drills
  • In-person Strength Training W/Carl

Friday – Rest or Active Rest

Saturday – All Groups – Continue Build – Gallagher Hill

  • Variety of Training 

Sunday – Long Slow Distance (LSD) Training!

The Details:

Monday October 18:

Zoom Strength W/Carl

  • Please register w/Carl to participate
  • Click HEREto contact Carl directly

Tuesday October 19: Intensity

  • Who: Summer Program 
  • Where: Goldbar Park
  • Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
  • What: Longish Intervals for most. According to your Lead Coach 
    • Warm Up: 20min
      • 5-10min Z1, 10min Mobility/Activation, 5min of Accelerations
    • Work out:
    • According to your Lead Coach
  • Technique: Running/On Foot (likely or according to your Lead Coach)
  • Bring: Pole striding stuff (always bring the poles “Just in Case”)

Wednesday October 20: Medium Day

On Your Own:

  • Distance/Recovery Ski/Training Day
  • Ski/Run/Ride 1.5 to 2 hrs at Z1 depending on your Training Plan and how the body feels!!! 
  • RPE of 3-5

Thursday October 21 Strength and COORDINATION 

  • Who: Thursday Group
  • What: Coordination Drills, AND Strength w/Carl
  • When: 
    • 6:30 to 7:00 Coordination Drills 
    • 7:00 to 8:00 Strength w/Carl
  • Where:  Kinsmen Park (Behind the tennis courts)
  • Technique:
    • Strength Stuff
  • Bring: Purpose to “Be” there…in running shoes!

Friday October 22:

  • Active Rest Day
  • Complete rest – (NO training) or active/recovery training.
  • I.E.  go for a walk or light run or rollerski, but keep it very, very light.

Saturday October 23:

  • Where: Gallagher Hill – Meet by the Outdoor Rink
  • Time: 10:00 am to 12 noon am 
  • What: 
    • Expect Intensity Training
      • Consolidation of the Warm-Up Routine
    • Warm Up: 20min
      • 5-10min Z1, 10min Mobility/Activation, 5min of Accelerations
    • Work out:
    • According to your Lead Coach
  • Technique and Bring:
    • Ski Striding w/poles (always bring them). Could be different if your Lead Coach has other plans for you!!
    • Snack and drink and dry/warm change of clothes for afterwards

Sunday October 24: Long, Controlled, Distance Day

  • Consider doing something slowish, in control, and long. 2 to 3 hrs at Z1 (conversational pace – 3 to 4 on the RPE scale). Think about going as fast as you can while still staying Z1!!