Training This Week: June 14 to 20

Hello All

Looks like a warm and some chance of rain kind of week…but we will plan as though the weather will be perfect! The usual strength on Monday and Thursday, medium long on Wednesday, and looong on Sunday. Intensity days are Tuesday and Saturday. We will be doing stations on Tuesday with a twist on push ups, and will be introducing skate Rollerskiing on Saturday.  

Coming UP…

  • Group training and Restrictions have loosened as of June 10. This is what we must consider when heading to training (COVID isn’t over):
    • Outside training
    • In groups of 20 or less
    • Masks to be worn when giving instruction
    • Maintain 2m physical distancing

This Week…

  • Monday Strength w/Carl
  • Tuesday – Group Training – “4 Stations – Mixed Techniques”
  • Wednesday – On Own – go medium length/distance, go fast, but go easy
  • Thursday In-person Training W/Carl and Coordination Training
  • Friday – Rest or Active Rest
  • Saturday – Adult Rollerski followed by Summer Group Training: “Intro to SK Rollerskiing”
  • Sunday – Go loooong with LOW HR! You can go fast, but stay in Z1

Monday June 14:

  • Zoom Strength W/Carl
  • Please register w/Carl to participate
    • Click HERE to contact Carl directly

Tuesday June 15: Intensity

  • Who: Summer Program 
  • Where: Gallagher Hill – meet by the outdoor rink
  • Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
  • What: 
    • Warm Up – Warmup to include all 5 training zones (start w/Z1 and move through each one)
      • Follow up w/sprints/slow to fast accelerations WITH SKI POLES!!!
    • Intensity workout – After the warm up we will break into 4 groups and  similar to last Tuesday complete 15 minutes of work at each, unique station. Just know the first one will be push-ups. But emphasis on really good push-ups. Remember to bring your ski poles 😁.
    • Focus on good “ski technique” throughout.
      • RPE of 7-8
  • Technique:
    • Running Intervals
  • Bring: Your STRIDING POLES

Wednesday June 16: Medium Day

  • Distance/Recovery Ski/Training Day
  • Ski/Run/Ride 1.5 to 2 hrs at Z1 depending on your Training Plan and how the body feels!!! RPE of 3-5

Thursday June 17: Strength and COORDINATION

  • Who: Summer Program Participants
  • What: Coordination Drill AND Strength W/Carl
  • When: 
    • 6:30 to 7:00 Coordination Drills
    • 7:00 to 8:00 Strength w/Carl
  • Where:  Kinsmen Park (Behind the tennis courts)
  • Technique:
    • Strength Stuff
  • Bring: Bring a sense of purpose…and running shoes!

Friday June 18:

  • Active Rest Day
  • Complete rest – (NO training) or active/recovery training.
    • I.E.  go for a walk or light run or rollerski, but keep it very, very light.

Saturday June 19: 

  • Who: Adult Rollerski Group
  • Where: Kinsmen Park – Meet at the first parking lot by Walterdale Bridge.
  • Time: 8:15 – 9:45 am 
  • What: SK Rollerski Technique work

Intensity and Rollerskiing (SKATE)

  • Who: Summer Program 
  • Where: Kinsmen Park – Meet at the first parking lot closest to Walterdale Bridge.
  • Time: 10:00 – 12:00 noon
  • What: 
    • Warm Up – Warmup to include all 5 training zones (start w/Z1 and move through each one)
      • Follow up w/sprints/slow to fast accelerations on rollerskis
      • After the warm up we will do a 20-30min SKATE refresher. 
    • Intensity: Following this we will do almost fartlek intensity from the bridge up to the T-intersection. It will look like this:
      • 3-5 x (45s/90s/120) @ Z3’ish. The recovery will be equal to the work
      • Mostly 1-SK but use technique that is most efficient
    • Focus on good “ski technique” throughout.
      • W and control, good technique, before speed and power (at this point in our training).
      • RPE of 7-8
  • 8Technique:
  • SKATE Rollerskiing.
  • Bring: SKATE Rollerski equipment!!

Sunday June 20:

  • Long training Day
  • Go looong, go fast, but keep your HR LOW 😁 (yes, it can be done!)