Summer Programs Registrations Now Open

I hope you all have had a great spring and that you have made a good transition to dryland training. I have seen many of you out biking and running, and yes, even roller skiing, not to mention Carl Strength on Monday nights. 
We are just about ready to start formal training again. Our first official day is this coming Saturday, May 1. We will meet at Hawrelak Park Gallagher Hill (by the outdoor rink) at 10 am. We will be on foot, so bring running shoes and your striding poles. The first day will be an intro day, meaning there will be more than usual talking as we take stock of what we will be doing, how, why, etc.

Registration is now open for the Summer Training Program. You can go to Zone4 to register or click HERE to register. Exciting times ahead, but on a sober note, COVID is still with us!! And as such we must maintain the same COVID precautions we adhered to in the winter:

  • Fill in the online ENSC COVID-19 declaration form
  • No more than 10/group
  • Bring and wear masks when NOT actually training
  • Maintain 2m distance
  • Don’t come to practice if you are sick, or suspect that you are sick
  • Wash your hands often

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!