Tuesday March 16 Training

Just got back from Goldbar, and although the 50th Street loop (that is primarily artificial snow) is good for skiing, nothing else is. Treeline is doable but there are bare spots, really dirty snow, and ice everywhere else. Unless we get more snow, tonight will be our last official day of training.
Having said that, I urge all to use their discretion whether they feel they should attend tonight or not. 50th Street loop is approximately 1.5km and if you add Treeline we can get approximately 2.5km of skiable trail…for about 100 people (if all show). 
I hesitate to cancel as this may be the last time in a while people will see each other and by attending may give the opportunity to say , “Until next time…” 
But know that the trails will be crowded and I suggest only continuous skiing by all groups; no intensity and no stopping along the trail (unless you move way off the trail).