Training Cancelled Sat. Feb 6

Usually I like to wait until the day of or at least the evening before, but all weather forecasts I have come across indicate that it will be very cold tomorrow (and for the next week or so). With the high predicted to be -25C (depending on which forecast you read) we will be cancelling Saturday’s training session. 

As you know, our official cutoff temperature is -20C without windchill, and this forecasted temperature will be significantly below this (keep in mind that -25C is the high for the day and is usually not reached until around mid-afternoon, and we train at 10:00 in the morning). You are encouraged to bundle up and get outside for a brisk walk, or hike, ski even, but do avoid any hard breathing (don’t go fast). It is also a good time to work on core any balance routines as well as strength.

And as stated above, this cold snap is bound to last about a week and may affect our training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday of next week as well. 
Stay tuned.