Important Trail Notice – 20 Jan 2021

Due to the windstorm and rain, skiing is currently not recommended on the Gold Bar trail system (Gold Bar, Woodcutters, Goldstick and Capilano) until further notice.

Grooming is currently not possible due to the significant debris (leaves, branches, twigs, pine needles, etc.) on the trails. The trails/tracks will need to be cleaned prior to any further trail renovation.


Would you like to help?  Volunteers can assist by removing debris from the Nordic Ski trails. Currently, our entire trail system (12 km) needs to be cleaned.

Suggested tools: rake, broom, leaf blower, grabber/garbage picker.

Please throw the debris back into the wooded area beside the trail, rather than removing it from the park.

We are not able to formally organize groups for clean-up, but please feel free to get a group of friends or training partners together for trail cleaning. Please respect COVID regulations, including limiting group size to 10 or less.

Remember, many hands make light work! The sooner we clean our trails, the sooner the grooming team will have us skiing again!