Adult Summer Program

Masters World Cup 2021 Summer Training

The 2021 Masters World Cup (MWC) is the official World Championships for Masters skiers and it is heading to Canmore in March 2021. ENSC has a summer training program that will help our masters prepare for this unique event. The MWC is held every year in some nordic skiing hotspot, and comes to North America only every four years. In 2021 the MWC will not only be in North America but right in our back yard! Click HERE for detailed information. Below is the schedule of events:

Schedule of Events (subject to change):

  • March 4      Unofficial Training Day
  • March 5      Official Training Days and Opening Ceremonies
  • March 6       Race #1 30/15/10 Free
  • March 7       Race #2 30/15/10 Classic
  • March 8       Race #3 AM 10/5 Classic – PM 10/5 Free
  • March 9       Cultural Experience Day
  • March 10     Relays 4 X 5 Classic/Free
  • March 11     Race # 5 45/30/15 Free
  • March 12     Race #6 45/30/15 Classic
  • March 12     Closing Ceremonies
  • March 13     Departure

The MWC 2021 Summer Training offers two formal, coached training sessions per week, an online Zoom strength session, and on-going feedback on technique and your training. The training is based on a general yearly training plan (YTP). Training will consist mostly of running, striding, ski walking, and strength. Roller skiing will not be expected or officially part of the training. However, the MWC 2021 Summer Training is running parallel to our regular Summer Training Programs, meaning same time and same place. Should any master (oldlings) want to participate in roller ski training they are more than welcome to join in with the younglings.

We want to remain flexible in how we offer our programs and realize that not everyone can or wants to run. Therefore we want you to know that roller skiing is an option. 

The MWC 2021 Summer Program will be run on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm and Saturday mornings form 10:00 am to 12 noon. The online Zoom Strength will be Monday evenings form 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The cost for the summer is $150.

For the link to registration, click HERE.