Trail Conditions – 5 April 2020

This is our final grooming report of the season, and we hope you have all enjoyed the extension to winter as well as the opportunity to burn off some steam as we navigate the current COVID-19 crisis. Please take a chance to thank Dave Storey for the amazing work he has done since last November snowmaking and grooming, and if you want to send a message please email to and I will pass on to him.
All at Edmonton Nordic wish you a healthy summer, and we want you to know we are already planning and looking forward to winter 2020/2021.
Chris Hanstock
President, Edmonton Nordic Ski Club

All trails were groomed this AM.
Goldbar / Woodcutters – V. good conditions. some icy / shallow tracks on the far side of the lake.

Goldstick – Fair conditions. some small icy spots and one bare spot. hills are still holding well.

Capilano – Very good for both.