Training at SWC on Saturday

In preparation for the next two weekends of events, we will be training at SWC tomorrow (Saturday). What’s coming up you ask? Next weekend is the annual Beat the Blues Boogie and the weekend following is our very own ENSC AB Cup 7/8…and we need volunteers for this event, by the way.
(We need at least one person volunteering from every family to be able to run this event. questions, please email Heather Morris (Chief of Volunteers) at 
Thank you!) 

As such we will move our training to Strathcona Wilderness Centre. Details are as follows:

  • Where: SWC
  • When: 10:00 to 12 noon
  • What: SKATE 
  • Note: Come a bit early as parking is sometimes a challenge. Also, if you don’t have a SWC membership, there is a day user fee in effect.

Have a great ski!!