Cookie Race Wax Recommendation

Friday high of +3C so there could be some melting. Friday night it will drop to -6C so the tracks will freeze. There is a chance of snow, about 5-7 cm by race time. They will groom overnight so the conditions should be firm and I don’t think they will be icy (but depends on the old snow depth). The forecasted high is -2C for Saturday, but that won’t happen until mid day. Chances are that it will be around -5C at the start and really not much warmer during the event, maybe a bit colder up at the top.

  1. Clean and brush your bases with a fine steel brush, followed by a horse hair brush
  2. Glide wax with a green or blue glider (LF6) – scrape and brush well
  3. Finish with a LF7/HF7 – scrape and brush
  4. You are good to go


  1. Sand the wax pocket with 120-150 grit sandpaper – brush away any sandpaper or base residue
  2. Add in Vauhti Super Base (or equivalent). Iron in and cork smooth
  3. Let cool (freeze is best – bring outside)
  4. Apply 1 layer of VR40. Pass the iron over it and smooth with a cork
  5. Apply final layers of grip wax at Cookie Race site…

I think this will be a good option for both grip and glide. As for glide, close is good enough and I think the LF7 or HF7 (or equivalent) will be right in the wheelhouse. What needs more attention is the final grip application. And this should be done at the site. It won’t take long to put 5-6 layers of grip wax on to the prepped skis.
Hope this helps,