2019/20 Ski Rentals for Jackrabbits, Learn to Ski, Track Attack & Biathlon Bears – Dec 7 from 2-3pm

If your family is interested in season long rentals, ENSC Ski rentals will be available Saturday December 7th, 2019 between 2-3pm at the Gold Bar pavilion – first come, first serve as sizes are limited, especially in larger sizes. This will be the only date to pick up rentals. Rentals will be available for Jackrabbits, Learn to Ski, Track Attack and Biathlon Bears.

Please be sure to bring along your Jackrabbit! This will allow for the perfect fit!

Rentals are $100 per package [skis ($55), boots ($35), poles ($10)] with $100 damage deposit paid by post dated cheque. Please note: Due to limited supply we are unable to rent boots only.

People need to bring TWO cheques (made payable to Edmonton Nordic Ski Club) – one for the rental and one that will be held as a damage deposit. We prefer to rent whole packages, not just boots or skis or poles. Please note there are no boot rentals for Track Attack and Advanced Bears and no pole rentals for Bunnies. 

Rentals will need to be returned at the end of the season (date to be confirmed). All skis must be returned with the tip and tail glide-waxed for storage. You can wax them on your own, take them to Totem, or participate in ENSC waxing bee. The ENSC rental contact email is: ENSC.skirental@gmail.com (Tyson van Leusden for 2019-20 season).