Thursday: Change of Venue, No roller skiing

Due to the weather (rain and strong winds) we will NOT be roller skiing tonight. We will, however, be training but it will be dryland, well, “wetland” training on foot followed by indoor strength. 

Where: Hawrelak Park (where we usually meet when at Hawrelak), 

What: Strength and Agility

  • 20min warm up, 
  • Spenst – 10 x 10s/50s R
    • Bring your striding poles 
  • Indoor strength activities – large pavilion
    • If you have a Yoga mat, you may consider bringing this.

We will have some great strength training that you likely have not done before 😀. And since we will do the warm-up outside (in the rain) bring a set of dry clothes for after. You will appreciate it!!

Just a reminder that we will be at SWC on Saturday…and meeting there for 9:30 to 11:00

See you all tonight!