Eagle Point Loppet Waxing

The forecast low overnight is -7C. And the temperature at 12:30-13:00 is predicted to be hovering around 0C. The snow takes a lot longer to warm up than the air so would wager that the glider that works at 11:00 will still be very effective at 13:00. Similarly the grip wax should hold as well.

Glide wax recommendation:

  • Prep the skis with LF6 (glide wax scrape thoroughly and brush)
  • A glider like Swix LF8 (-4C to +4C) has a wide range would be a good choice. LF7 (-8C to +2C) will work as well

Grip Wax Recommendations:

  • Sand and then wipe any residue from the wax pocket
  • Apply a thin layer of base wax (think super thin!!) Iron in and cork the base wax thoroughly.
  • Apply a thin layer of VR40 – iron in.
  • Apply final grip layers when at the race venue

See you all tomorrow!!