Help Ember Reach the 2019 World University Games

Help me on my journey to represent Canada at the 2019 World University Games!

Ever since I began competitive cross-country ski racing at the age of 13 it has been my dream to represent Canada on the international stage. This year, that dream has come true as I have been selected to represent Canada in the 2019 Universiade (World University Games) in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

To make this dream a reality though, I need to pay over $5000 which includes travel to and from Russia, as well as accommodation, food, and competition fees while I am there.

By contributing, you will not only be helping me achieve a long-time dream of my own, but you will also be supporting post-secondary excellence in combination with sport which is an opportunity that we in Canada are still working on building towards. 

A little bit about me: 

After living in Canmore and ski racing full time after high school, I transitioned into the student-athlete life, and am now working towards my bachelors degree in Social Work, with which I hope to one day work with youth in the field combined with sport and wilderness therapy. 

Beyond skiing and school I work as head coach of a group of young skiers with the Edmonton Nordic Ski Club, as well as at an outdoors camp guiding wilderness trips in the backcountry. 

Through my involvement with the games I hope to not only inspire those who I coach on a day-to-day basis, but also act as a role-model for females in sport and an ambassador to show that school and sport DO go together, and that we can strive for success in every area of our lives. 

I cannot even begin to describe how excited and honoured I am to have been selected for this opportunity, and your support would be appreciated on a level that I cannot even express.

Edmonton Nordic is hosting the third annual Capilano Run next Saturday. It will run at the same time as regular training and we will use the run as a means to practice the process of preparing for a race and as a means to self test; to see where our skiers are with respect to their fitness. There is no charge for ENSC members who are registered in an ENSC program, but we do ask that everyone donate towards Ember’s dream of representing Canada at the World University Games.

We are asking that the youth donate $5 and adults donate $10. Ember is one of our beloved coaches and we are proud of her accomplishments. Let’s support her in realizing this once in a lifetime dream!

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