Ski Waxing Clinics with Mike

Mike Stern will be conducting more practical ski waxing clinics after the new year from the basement of his house. In these clinics you will be taught you how to clean and prepare your cross-country skis and learn how to apply hot glide wax and also grip wax to the relevant areas of your own skis. These are hands-on sessions and he will show you how each task is done and then get you to practice with his help on your own skis. At the end of the session you will end up with a set of fully waxed skis.

The clinics usually last up to three hours and are normally limited to a maximum of four people per session. All waxes and tools are provided but you are welcome to bring your own. The clinics are suitable for novice to intermediate skiers. A comprehensive step-by-step ski waxing guide is included which is followed during the clinics. The cost of each clinic is $15 per person of which $2 is donated to the Edmonton Nordic Trail grooming fund.   The clinics start at 7 PM.   The dates for this series of clinics are:

  • Wed 10 Jan
  • Tue 16 Jan
  • Tue 23 Jan
  • Tue 30 Jan
  • Tue 06 Feb
  • Tue 13 Feb

Other clinics may be added according to demand. Please note some dates may change depending on his other commitments. If interested in coming please contact Mike Stern at 780-433-4328 H or 780-984-2360 C or stating your preferred and alternative dates.


Ski Waxing Frames/Forms

This year again as a service to skiers, he will be also selling his ski waxing frames/forms. The normal cost will be $60 but he will be discounting them at $50 to people who attend any of his waxing clinics this season. (Note that a shop bought frame will set you back at least $150).